DS Memory Manager

DS Memory Manager 1.0

Plugin lets you remove programs and view running processes

When you install too many applications in your Pocket PC or when you run some of the application, you might have come across a situation where you need to Soft Reset your device. This may lead to loss of unsaved useful data.

The problem may be because there are so many applications installed or one of the application might me using most of the available memory. The thing we do to avoid the need of Soft Reset is, we uninstall needless applications or stop the applications thats using lot of memory.

For this you have to go to control panel every time. This will result in wastage of your priceless time and also battery power.

To avoid all these problems, we have come up with Easy Memory Manager. After you run this application, it adds an Icon to the Today Command Bar from which you can access the following pages with just two taps.

  • Power
  • Main Memory
  • Running programs
  • Remove programs

Key features of Memory Manager include:

  • Takes up less memory while running
  • Icon on Today Command bar for easy access
  • Saves your Time & Energy
  • Reduces the amount of time you work, thus increases the battery life

Get Easy Memory Manager Now ! Make your Pocket PC look smarter than ever!

DS Memory Manager


DS Memory Manager 1.0